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It is recognized that even after employing all the scientific methods known to us, hazards still remain in metal treating. Therefore, our liability shall not exceed twice the amount of our charges for the work done on any material, except by written agreement with Advanced Heat Treating. The customer, by contracting for metal treatment, agrees to accept the limits of liability as expressed in this statement to the exclusion of any and all provisions as to liability on the customers’ own invoices, purchase orders or other documents. If the customer desires his own provisions as to liability to remain in force and effect, this must be agreed to, in writing, signed by an officer of Advanced Heat Treating. The aforementioned statement of liability is specifically in lieu of any express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, and any other such obligation on the part of Advanced Heat Treating. No claim of shortage in weight or count will be entertained unless presented within five (5) working days after receipt of materials by the customer. No claim will be allowed for shrinkage, expansion, deformity, or rupture of material in treating or straightening, except by prior written agreement, as above, nor, in any case from rupture caused by or occurring during subsequent grinding. Whenever we are given material with detailed instructions as to treatment, our responsibility shall end with carrying out those instructions. Failure by a customer to indicate plainly and correctly the kind of material (i.e., proper alloy designation) to be treated shall cause an extra charge to be made to cover any additional expense occurred as a result thereof. There will be no liability on Advanced Heat Treating for any special indirect or consequential damages arising from any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of production, recall or any other losses, expenses or liabilities allegedly occasioned by the work performed by Advanced Heat Treating. It shall be the duty of the customer to inspect the merchandise immediately upon its return, and in any event, claims must be reported prior to the time that any further processing, assembling or any other work is undertaken. Advanced Heat Treating's liability shall cease once any further processing, assembling or any other work has been undertaken on said material. No agent, or representative is authorized to alter the above conditions, except in writing duly signed by an officer of Advanced Heat Treating.

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